画像 Dixie Conner
Course Schedule Changes
2018年 09月 21日(Friday) 14:37 - Dixie Conner の投稿

There have been changes to when some electives are offered. See the current schedule here: https://edtech.boisestate.edu/course-schedule-2/ Please check your Program Development Form to make sure all of your classes are planned in semesters they are offered. 

In particular, please look for:

EdTech ...

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Upcoming EdD/EDTECH Dissertation Defense
2018年 09月 10日(Monday) 08:43 - Dr. Ross Perkins の投稿

"Student Perceptions of Instructor Immediacy in Online Program Courses"

We would like to invite you to participate in the live, public portion of Anthony Saba's dissertation defense, to be held Friday, Sept. 14, at 10 AM Mountain. Anthony is an alumnus of the MET program and an employee of Boise ...
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Reminder for Ongoing Students - Please Read!
2018年 08月 28日(Tuesday) 18:23 - Paul Castelin の投稿

1)    If you’ve reached 18 credits, submit your Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) if you have not already. Refer to your Academic Advisement Report. Also pay attention to the Steps to Graduation and respond accordingly.

2)    If you are in a certificate program, ensure that you have...

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画像 Dr. Kerry Rice
The Learning Accelerator Research Fellowship
2018年 08月 28日(Tuesday) 11:36 - Dr. Kerry Rice の投稿

The Learning Accelerator announces their 2019 Measurement Fellowship

TLA seeks to advance measurement in the sector, focusing on the objectives outlined in our Measurement Agenda for Blended Learning. With this Fellowship, we support a diverse cadre of individuals who are excited to conduct ...

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Barbara Schroeder
Receiving too many emails from EDTECH Moodle? There's a fix for that . . .
2018年 08月 27日(Monday) 08:06 - Dr. Barbara Schroeder の投稿

Edit your email preferences by accessing your Dashboard>Preferences>Forum preferences and change to "Subjects (daily email with subjects only)":


Forums include important announcements and information, so make sure you read them!