Paid Internship - Discovery Agents - McCall Idaho

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Paid Internship - Discovery Agents - McCall Idaho
by Dr. Chareen Snelson - Monday, March 13, 2017, 10:53 AM

The Discovery Agents- McCall project is developing content for a move-play-learn mobile application for place-based environmental education. A paid internship is available starting in summer, 2017. The intern will be responsible for designing seasonal “missions” with learning “challenges” (e.g. activities) that explore environmental education concepts using the Mission Builder software package ( The intern will work with the Payette National Forest Conservation Education Team, local environmental education partners (potentially including local High School senior students who may assist as part of their senior project), and the Discovery Agents software support team to develop a conceptual design, collect site information using digital camera and GPS, design the custom art elements with the software support team, program the challenges, beta-test the programming, and launch the missions on a seasonal basis. To broaden the learning opportunities the intern may also occasionally assist with other conservation education or public lands management efforts in the local area, such as school field trips, youth service projects, and special events.

The rate of pay for the internship is $15/hour for 960 hours of work required in total. Please see the attached internship announcement and briefing statement for details and application instructions. (Note: If you don't see the attachment please go to this post within the EDTECH Moodle jobs forum.)