Department Chair - Science (K-12 Private Online School)

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Department Chair - Science (K-12 Private Online School)
by Dr. Kerry Rice - Monday, June 12, 2017, 7:36 AM

From the iNACOL jobs forum:


The Academic Department Chair (ADC) is responsible for overseeing the educational programs including curriculum, professional development, assessment, evaluation, and quality assurance in his/her department.  The Academic Department Chair reports to the Director of Education for Laurel Springs School.  The ADC may spend up to 25% of the calendar year traveling to attend conferences and to work collaboratively with managers, specialists, coordinators, and teachers in the field.

About this Job

•       Supporting the strategic plan for Laurel Springs School education and curriculum.
•       Ensuring the LSS curriculum guidelines reflect both national standards and current educational research.
•       Implementing a technology focus in Science that benefits students and leverages the opportunity we have to provide interesting content exploration and skills development for students in an online learning environment.
•       Expert knowledge in STEM curricula.
•       Recommending and consulting on the selection of curriculum.
•       Working closely with the Curriculum Manager as the Science subject matter expert and developing curriculum materials.
•       Revising and augmenting curriculum, as needed.
•       Working closely with the Dean of Teacher Services on developing and delivering professional development and training for teachers in his/her department.
•       Supporting partnerships with other schools, both blended and fully online implementations.
•       Interpreting and reporting student results on standardized assessments for the department and in conversations with parents.
•       Assuring outcomes that exceed national averages and grade level standards.
•       Participating in any accreditation process for Laurel Springs School.
•       Interviewing new teachers for the department with the Dean of Teacher Services and helping to orient new teachers through the induction program.
•       Supporting the presentations created for the Board of Directors and others interested in LSS educational programs when requested.
•       Representing LSS at educational conferences and associations.

Required Experience

•       Must have an advanced degree in education with strong background in curriculum and instruction, online learning, asynchronous learning, and blended learning.
•       Must be knowledgeable about educational research and educational product/program implementation and development.
•       Must have excellent communication and presentation skills.
•       Must have strong leadership skills and a keen understanding of the requirements of a for-profit business.
•       Must have had experience teaching in K-12 schools, public and/or private, and in working with stakeholders of those schools.
•       Must have virtual management experience.
•       Must have a successful track record of collaborative educational leadership.

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