Outstanding Paper Award for Math Education

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Outstanding Paper Award for Math Education
by Dixie Conner - Monday, April 30, 2018, 1:04 PM

Congratulations to Patrick Lowenthal and his colleagues for winning the Outstanding Paper Award for Math Education at a conference in DC.

Cavey, L. O., Totorica, T., Carney, M., Lowenthal, P., Libberton, J. (2018, March). Video case analysis of students’ mathematical thinking: initial development process. Paper accepted for the 2018 Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education Annual Meeting. Washington, DC.

Over the last 20 years, researchers have explored the use of video for teacher education and as a reflective tool for studying instruction. We are interested in how video might be used to support mathematics teacher candidates’ understanding of student thinking. In particular, we are developing and investigating the use of video-based online learning modules as a component of prospective secondary mathematics teacher preparation with the overarching goal of improving their ability to recognize and make connections between patterns in students' informal and formal reasoning. In this paper, we describe the initial development process of video case analysis of student thinking (VCAST) modules for use in an online setting and then the share results associated with our first two modules on functional reasoning. Our design-based development process is informed by literature on student thinking and involves a purposeful selection of authentic examples of student reasoning. The results indicate that our process led to an adequate range in student ideas from which to build the modules. Moving forward, the research team will conduct a series of design experiments to investigate the continued development, improvement, and implementation of these online modules. In a period where programs are looking for ways to integrate innovative uses of technology in the subject matter preparation of teachers, it is critical to have empirically-based models for such learning.

Outstanding Paper Award for Math Education