Patrick Lowenthal and others to present at AECT 2018

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Patrick Lowenthal and others to present at AECT 2018
by Dixie Conner - Thursday, May 10, 2018, 5:05 PM

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Presentation #1
Title: Becoming Learning Designers: A Journey for New Professionals (with Help from Academic Programs)

Brent Wilson Colorado Denver (facilitator)

Tutaleni I Asino Oklahoma State

Patrick Lowenthal Boise State

Jason McDonald BYU

Jill Stefaniak Old Dominion

Summary: People come to think of themselves as learning/instructional designers in many ways – by gaining skills, establishing credentials, building support networks, joining a professional community, and assuming new roles in the workplace. Graduate programs support the process of identity development, but we could do better. Acknowledging professional identities as a targetable learning outcome is a first step. This panel explores this idea and explores ways to better support students on their professional journeys.

Presentation #2

Accessible Online Learning: A Critical Analysis of Online Quality Assurance Frameworks


Patrick Lowenthal, patricklowenthal@boisestate.edu; Boise State University (Presenter)

Amy Lomellini, amylomellini@u.boisestate.edu; Molloy College (Presenter)

Chris Smith, uctkesmitty@gmail.com; Western Piedmont Community College (Non-Presenter)

Krista Greear, kristagreear@u.boisestate.edu; University of Washington (Non-Presenter)

Summary: Accessibility is a hot topic in online education these days. Despite the increased focus though, most discussions about creating “accessible” online courses simply focus on compliance. In this session, we will report the results of a critical analysis of how popular online quality assurance frameworks, and specifically the standards they are based on, address accessibility. We will conclude discussing with the audience the implications of our results for the research and practice of online learning.

Presentation #3
Developing Video-based Instructional Modules on Students’ Functional Reasoning: Initial Design Lessons Learned

(Presenter) Patrick Lowenthal, patricklowenthal@boisestate.edu; Boise State University 
(Non-Presenter) Laurie Cavey, lauriecavey@boisestate.edu; Boise State University 
(Non-Presenter) Michele Carney, michelecarney@boisestate.edu; Boise State University 
(Non-Presenter) Tatia Totorica, tatiatotorica@boisestate.edu; Boise State University 
(Non-Presenter) Jason Libberton, libbjaso@isu.edu; Idaho State University

Preservice mathematics teachers need help recognizing what mathematical thinking looks like and how to respond to students’ mathematical ideas. Building upon research on video cases, we developed a series of video-based online modules. In this session, we will describe how we developed these modules as well as the design experiments we conducted on the modules in authentic contexts. We will conclude by describing our initial design lessons learned and our next series of design experiments.