Part-time Contract Research Position Open

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Part-time Contract Research Position Open
by Dixie Conner - Thursday, August 2, 2018, 12:11 PM

My company is looking for an academic (grad students included) with excellent communication skills who can synthesize research to deliver clear, actionable recommendations for one of our teams. Specialized knowledge in topics related to the clusters of students (e.g. supporting bullied students) is not required but would be a plus.

The job will involve writing a report focused on supporting one of the student clusters below; which cluster is TBD). We're planning literature reviews for multiple clusters, so there's potential for this opportunity to expand to multiple reports. We're hoping to have 2-3 reports done by year's end. The work would be done remotely with occasional conference calls. 

1. Academically advanced students.
2. Academically struggling students.
3. Students experiencing health problems.
4. New students experiencing bullying.
5. Returning students who originally enrolled with numerous challenges, including those captured in the previous clusters.
6 & 7. Students new to the school or returning, both of which were seeking flexibility and choice.

Lisa Bradshaw  Contact Lisa for more information.