Reminder for Ongoing Students - Please Read!

Reminder for Ongoing Students - Please Read!
by Paul Castelin - Monday, August 27, 2018, 11:04 AM

1)    If you’ve reached 18 credits, submit your Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) if you have not already. Refer to your Academic Advisement Report. Also pay attention to the Steps to Graduation and respond accordingly.

2)    If you are in a certificate program, ensure that you have submitted a Proposed Plan of Study (PPS) for that program. Refer to your Academic Advisement Report.

3)    If you plan to graduate from either a degree or certificate program next December, May, or August, be sure to Apply for Graduation from any program you are in before the deadline for that term. Upcoming deadlines are as follows:

  1. August 24 deadline for an December 2018 graduation (late fee now applies).
  2. January 18, 2019, deadline for a May 2019 graduation
  3. June 7, 2019, deadline for an August 2019 graduation

Applications will still be received after the deadline, but a late fee will apply.

4)    Applications for Portfolio Permission Numbers for the next term are accepted as follows:

  1. Spring, 2019 – October 22, 2018, thru January 4, 2019.

5)    All pertinent deadlines are published at: Important Upcoming Deadlines.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns...thanks!

Paul Castelin paulcastelin@boisestate.edu