Upcoming EdD/EDTECH Dissertation Defense

Upcoming EdD/EDTECH Dissertation Defense
by Dr. Ross Perkins - Monday, September 10, 2018, 8:43 AM

"Student Perceptions of Instructor Immediacy in Online Program Courses"

We would like to invite you to participate in the live, public portion of Anthony Saba's dissertation defense, to be held Friday, Sept. 14, at 10 AM Mountain. Anthony is an alumnus of the MET program and an employee of Boise State University's eCampus Center.

For those unfamiliar with the dissertation defense schedule, the "public" portion of the defense is about the first hour, where attendees (live and virtual) can ask questions of the doctoral candidate about the research. Following the public portion, the candidate answers questions posed by the dissertation committee members. The defense is overseen by a faculty member from outside the College of Education, who represents the Graduate College (the "GFR" is a non-voting attendee).

The Defense Announcement page, linked below, contains a link to the research presentation, an asynchronous video that also gets played at the start of the live defense. The page also has a link to the Adobe Connect room, which you can join if you wish to attend virtually. Should you have a question for the candidate about the research, you can ask it via a form linked from the announcement page (or - if attending in virtually - you can ask it in the chat window of the Adobe connect room). If you are on (or near) campus and wish to attend, the meeting will be held in the Education Building, Room E523.

Defense Announcement

If you have questions, please contact us at: edtechdoc@boisestate.edu