Financial Aid Information

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Financial Aid Information
by Dixie Conner - Friday, November 16, 2018, 3:05 PM

The Financial Aid Office requires a Social Security Number to match a FAFSA to a student's account. Students face issues if they did not provide their SSN on their application. Hopefully, the following update from Financial Aid will minimize these issues for your students:

Currently, there's a financial to-do item for admitted students who submitted a FAFSA and do not have a social security number in PeopleSoft. The to-do item instructs students to fax or bring a copy of their social security card to the Boise State Financial Aid Office (emails are not accepted).

The Financial Aid Office made an update to this process that should go live this week. The to-do item will change so that the student can enter their SSN through their myBoiseState account. 

Please note: This is only a change in process for students who do not have an SSN in PeopleSoft. If a student has an SSN that is incorrect, they will still need to provide documentation to the Financial Aid Office via fax or in person.