Dr. Baek and Dr. Taylor published!

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Dr. Baek and Dr. Taylor published!
by Dixie Conner - Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 11:59 AM

Since finishing her EdD in Educational Technology in 2016, Kellie Taylor has continued to work with her dissertation chair, Dr. Young Baek, pursuing on-going research on robotics in the classroom.  Dr. Baek has been very supportive and continues to teach Kellie quite a bit about publishing.  Last year, they co-authored an article about Kellie's dissertation research and they just received word that they have another article published on the on-going research they conducted last year. 

Article title: Group Roles Matter in Computational Robotic Activities

Reference: CHB5832
Journal title: Computers in Human Behavior
Corresponding author: Dr. Youngkyun Baek
First author: Dr. Kellie Taylor

Their article "Group Roles Matter in Computational Robotic Activities" is now published in Computers in Human Behavior.

Congratulations to you both!