Can’t find your Edtech Moodle Spring 2019 Course?

Can’t find your Edtech Moodle Spring 2019 Course?
Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support發表於2019年 01月 6日(Sun.) 16:00

Please select “All courses” (Top - left of main menu. please see image 1 below as an example) and click to open “Spring 2019” Link. After you find the course you’ve enrolled in, click to open and enter the enrollment key provided by your instructor.

Note: The "My Courses" menu does not appear on the navigation menu until you have enrolled in at least one course, and the course has started. (please see image 2 below).

Instructors will Email enrollment Keys For Blackboard or Moodle before classes start, please be patient.

Thank you, and have a great Spring 2019 semester!


image 1


image 2

Important note: Your Spring 2019 courses will not yet appear under the "My courses" in the left-hand navigation until the courses begin on January 14, 2019.  However, they will appear in the right-hand navigation block called "My courses."