Product Development Specialist - College of Western Idaho

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Product Development Specialist - College of Western Idaho
by Dixie Conner - Monday, March 4, 2019, 12:48 PM

Product Development Specialist 
Job Description 
POSITION TYPE: Full-Time, Benefit-Eligible

DEPARTMENT: Workforce Development

RESPONSIBLE TO: Director, WD Operations



This position will focus on delivering Workforce Development (WD) products for use. The position is a research and development position.  You will support end-to-end design, deployment and adoption of new WD products. The incumbent is also responsible for designing and developing products in the form of short-term training and entire course programming.  Support workforce development in revisions to instructional content, facilitating instruction courses and workshops, as well as providing just-in-time solutions for course delivery. This work is performed in consultation with departments and individuals by acquiring, maintaining, and sharing expertise in evolving web-based technical and educational best practices and by developing practical, scalable, and timely solutions to course- and program-based challenges in the effective delivery of online instruction.  Read about it HERE