December 2019 Grads - Updated Deadline for AACs

December 2019 Grads - Updated Deadline for AACs
by Paul Castelin - Monday, April 1, 2019, 12:07 PM

The revised Academic Calendar establishes a new deadline of April 8 for submitting Applications for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) for both degrees and certificates to be awarded in December 2019. If you plan to graduate in December and have not yet submitted the AACs, please do so before April 8. To do so for your degree, complete the form at this link: Application for Admission to Candidacy, following the in-form instructions. Be sure to select the Master of Educational Technology option. You will need to list all 11 courses that you will need to meet your degree requirements: 5 core courses (EDTECH 501-505), 5 electives (your choice) and the culminating activity, EDTECH 592-Portfolio. Your Academic Advisement Report, accessed from within your Student Center, is a big help in completing this form. For future classes for which you do not yet have a grade, use the term “In Progress” in the Grade column.

There is a similar process for certificates, but only list the courses specifically required for the certificate involved.

You will be allowed to submit the AACs after April 8, but there is less certainty that all late AACs can be processed on time.

Let me know of any questions that you have...thanks!