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Tuesday, June 5, last day to drop/add for summer 2012 0 Dr. Barbara Schroeder
Get your Bronco ID Card 3 Dixie Conner
Accessing academic libraries post graduation 8 Lisi Gopin
New Student Open House June 7th 0 Dixie Conner
Enrolling in your summer course(s) 4 Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.
Blended Learning techniques and resources 2 Jeff Toorongian
Sharepoint 2010 2 Cynthia Sarver
Boise Online & Blended Teachers Meet up! 0 Dr. Kerry Rice
Join our Facebook Site 6 Dixie Conner
Alumni and the Future Alumni Network 0 Linda Deneher
Welcome Students! Edtech Summer Session 2012 begins June 4th 2 Patrick Lowenthal
Commencement Kudos 2 Greg Andrade
Instructional Quest Designers Needed 1 Kim Dinsmore
May Graduates 4 Mark Borkowski
Moodle Security Patch Update to be Applied 5/13/12 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Adobe Connect will undergo system maintenance 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Independent Study Opportunity 1 Linda Deneher
Edtech and Edtech2 Down from 8am-10am 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Course "Bumper Sticker" 2 Angela Banks
Course Evaluation Reminder 0 Elizabeth Kringen
May Commencement Final Reminder 0 Dixie Conner
Attention: Prospective Portfolio Students 1 Dana Litwornia
Portfolio Reminder for M.E.T. Students 0 Dr. Dazhi Yang
Accepting Teacher Applicants for the Idaho K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement 1 Dr. Dazhi Yang
Edtech and Edtech2 are back up! 0 Patrick Lowenthal
upgraded to Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 2 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Edtech2 is Down 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Please Complete the EDTECH Course Evaluation 3 Patrick Lowenthal
K-12 Teachers/Staff - computer education 1 Michelle Jenkins
Registering for EDTECH 592 Portfolio for Fall 2012 0 Elizabeth Kringen
Course Schedule 0 Dixie Conner
iNACOL Virtual School Symposium 2012: Reminder for the Monday April 23 Deadline for Request for Presentations (RFP) 0 Dixie Conner
Suggestions for new title to replace "Internet for Educators" 42 Johnnie Murphy
New sections added for Fall classes 0 Dixie Conner
Adobe Connect will undergo system maintenance 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Boise Online & Blended Teachers Meetup! 2 Glynda Pflieger
Awesome news about Dr. Rice 0 Dixie Conner
Our Facebook Page 0 Dixie Conner
Free Webinar: Education in the Age of Mobility 1 Yu-Chang Hsu, PhD
Moodle Winter 2011 Maintenance Pack 2 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Great multimedia resource 3 Dr. Barbara Schroeder
May Commencement 0 Dixie Conner
Promotional Video 3 Alex Carter
Tweetchat this Friday! 0 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Registration for Fall Opens Today 1 Sarah Miller
Preparing for Graduation/Commencement 0 Paul Castelin
Portfolio Permission Numbers 0 Dr. Chareen Snelson
edtech & education web servers 4 Patrick Lowenthal
1 to 1 ipad implementation help 3 Jessica Smith
Know excellent teachers? Nominate for Presidential Teaching Award; Deadline April 1 0 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Adobe Connect upgrade to 8.0 Service Pack 2 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Important News from Moodlerooms 1 Kim Dinsmore
Best Tech Tools for Teachers 8 Fabiola Teruel
Planned OIT Network Maintenance - Spring Break 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education Conference 3 Justin Reeve
Boise Online and Blended Teachers Meetup 2 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
EdTech Faces Magazine 1 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Last Day to Participate 0 Linda Deneher
Moodle Security Patch Update to be Applied 3/18/2012 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
May Commencement 0 Dixie Conner
DML Badges Competition & Planet Stewards 5 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Facebook Use and Professionalism Among Chiropractic Students 0 Dixie Conner
TweetChat on Wed at 6 pm PT 0 Kae Novak
Survey on Topics of Interest 2 Linda Deneher
Moodlerooms Standard Maintenance to be Applied Friday / Saturday Morning 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Books on Online Teaching for Faculty Book Groups 1 Patrick Lowenthal
Scandal! In Brazil, Blogs with Embedded Youtube Videos are Charged Monthly Fees 1 Cary Wasem-Varela
Confirming that you have applied for graduation 0 Paul Castelin
Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship 0 Yu-Chang Hsu, PhD
Distance Learning Institutional Models and Goals 0 Robert Selzler
Adobe Connect will undergo system maintenance 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
App Advice for Autism Spectrum and Learning Disabilities 5 Tracy Lloyd
Options for Online Course Design 5 Linda Kaiser
EDTECH Facebook Group 0 Dixie Conner
Distance Delivery vs. Distance Development 3 Patrick Lowenthal
Deadlines for Grad Students 0 Paul Castelin
Alumni Association 0 Linda Deneher
4T Conference 0 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Question about online Document Programs 8 Cary Tyler
GSA Meeting is Open 0 Susan Ferdon
Summer 2012 1 melodee sweeney
EDTECH 506 - Graphic Design for Learning 0 Dixie Conner
GSA Meeting Location and Time 0 Linda Deneher
Educational Game Night Tonight in Second Life! 1 Alex Carter
2 great kudos for EdTech 5 Alison Weinberg
Educational Design of Virtual Worlds, today! 0 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Elmer's Kids in Need Grants 0 Dr. Ross Perkins
Statement on Obama's FY13 Budget by Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE 0 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Last call for the comprehensive exam for Spring 2012! 1 Paul Castelin
Explore magazine features EdTech—twice 0 Dixie Conner
Dr. Dawley invited as NSF panelist for DRK-12 0 Dixie Conner
Bronco App-athon 0 Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Summer Registration & Waitlist Info. 2 Dixie Conner
Question about managing iPads 12 Tom Robb
Adobe Connect 8.0 - Schedule System Maintenance 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
February GSA Meeting 1 Tom Robb
GSA Meeting Announcement 0 Linda Deneher
D&D Webinar: How to submit a successful conference proposal to the AECT D&D Division 0 Dixie Conner
Call for Papers - INTE 0 Dixie Conner
Dates to Remember for Summer 12 5 Peter Billman-Golemme