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Moodle Mobile V1.3 Now availble 5 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
AECT PacifiCorp Design & Development Competition 2 Dixie Conner
Patrick Lowenthal published! 0 Dixie Conner
Leif Nelson's Article in Hybrid Pedagogy 0 Leif Nelson
Submit a proposal to AECT 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Ross Perkins and Dennis Beck published. 0 Dixie Conner
Edtech for P-16 Educators MOOC -- Begins week of Feb 3 0 Cynthia Sarver
EdTech T-shirt Batch to be Printed Tomorrow (Jan. 21) 1 Nora Lawson
Time Zone Settings in Moodle 1 Alison Weinberg
Our Social Sites 0 Dixie Conner
Are you an AECT member? If so, support Boise State EdTech Faculty and go vote! 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Scholarship Information from Dr. Sara Fry 0 Dixie Conner
Yu-Hui Ching and Yu-Chang Hsu published! 0 Dixie Conner
Processing of AAC's and PPSGC's for Dec. 2014 Graduates 0 Paul Castelin
Invitation to the first Online International Learning Design Challenge 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Moodle Support Contact / Students & Faculty – Welcome Spring 2014! 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Dr. Hsu selected as coach! 0 Dixie Conner
Can’t find your Edtech Moodle Course? 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Dr. Schroeder published! 0 Dixie Conner
Dr. Hsu and Dr. Ching published! 0 Dixie Conner
Your spring classes! 0 Dixie Conner
The AERA-MET Dissertation Fellowship Program deadline is March 3, 2014. 0 Dixie Conner
The Sage Encyclopedia of Educational Technology is looking for authors! 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Moodle Support Contact / Students & Faculty – Welcome! 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Reminder: Upgrade Notification of Moodle 2.5 – DEC 26, 2013 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Food For Thought: BYOC (Bring Your Own Chromebook) 0 Rachaelle Grimsrud
Presenting at a conference 1 William Krebs
EDTECH Alumna Earns Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad 0 Dr. Ross Perkins
T-shirt shipping update... 3 Brett Shelton
University Foundation Scholar Awards 0 Dixie Conner
Lynda.com 0 Lora Evanouski
Dazhi Yang and Andy Hung receive Sloan-C Effective Practice Award 0 Dixie Conner
Request from George Washington University Doctoral Candidate 0 Paul Castelin
Holiday Hours 0 Dixie Conner
We want to highlight our awesome students! 0 Dixie Conner
Great Resource -edSurge - a weekly newsletter for innovative educators 0 Dixie Conner
Course Evaluation Reminder 0 Dr. Chareen Snelson
Survey Request (Univ. of Florida) 1 Leif Nelson
New section of 554 opened last week. 0 Dixie Conner
Most important IT Question 3 Timothy Rocco
Reminder: Prepare Now for Your ePortfolio 5 Deborah Thompson
Google Apps Deployment. 5 David Ashby
Where is Norm Friesen? 0 Dixie Conner
Reminder: upgrade Notification of Moodle Sandbox 2.5 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
December Commencement in Boise! 2 Dixie Conner
Where was Dr. Haskell? 0 Dixie Conner
Please Complete Course Evaluation(s) 0 Dr. Chareen Snelson
Upcoming upgrade Notification of Moodle 2.5 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
iPads in the Middle School Classroom 10 Joshua Rosenblum
IT Director Questions 1 Daniela Richard
Norm Friesen published! 0 Dixie Conner
Accepting Applications: Dr. Constance Wyzard Memorial Scholarship for Educational Technology 1 Greg Andrade
Boise State University's e-campus recognized by DegreeScape.com 1 Leif Nelson
Ross Perkins and Patrick Lowenthal at AECT 2013 0 Dixie Conner
Call for nominations for University Foundation Scholar Awards 0 Dixie Conner
EdTech Connection Magazine Fall Edition Published 0 Dixie Conner
Yu-Hui Ching - one of six early career faculty selected nationwide through competitive applications 0 Dixie Conner
Innovation in Education Grants 1 Robert Sanders
Norm Friesen, associate professor 0 Dixie Conner
Announcing applications for the new NSF-funded Stanford FabLearn Fellows program – due Nov 11th 0 Dixie Conner
Summer Classes 12 Dixie Conner
A couple of new edu tools launched by Google this week 1 Dr. Dazhi Yang
Yu-Chang Hsu, Yu-Hui Ching and Chareen Snelson 1 Dr. Chareen Snelson
Looking for a course recommendation 9 Tina Raczek
MET Blog 10 Joseph Bodnar
December Commencement 0 Dixie Conner
Free live webcast of four sessions from AECT 2013 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Registering for Spring 2014 EDTECH 592 Portfolio 5 Greg Andrade
Dr. Haskell presented with Award at iNACOL 0 Dixie Conner
Invitation to submit proposals for CLAGS 0 Dixie Conner
Teaching Abroad Opportunities for Faculty 1 Ginger Hunt
Patrick Lowenthal published 0 Dixie Conner
Advice on adjunct teaching 5 Johnnie Murphy
Yu-Chang Hsu selected as finalist for editor 0 Dixie Conner
Faculty International Development Awards 0 Dixie Conner
Looking for a Job? 1 Alison Weinberg
Dr. Dazhi Yang and Dr. Andy Hung win Effective Practice Award 1 Yu-Chang Hsu, PhD
Adobe Connect Maintenance Announcement 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Please help this study 7 Joseph Bodnar
Instructional Design and Technology Jobs 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Open Enrollment for Spring 2014 0 Dixie Conner
Joule/Power 2 site Summer 2013 Maintenance Pack 2 0 Bb Open LMS/ Moodle Support
Using e-portfolio's with students 6 Lisa McElroy
"Designing" your Instructional Design Teams 1 Brian Hyatt
Scholarships Available 0 Dixie Conner
Spend Four Weeks in Washington D.C. As A C-SPAN Fellow 0 Dixie Conner
4-year Doctoral Fellowship Opportunity 0 Dixie Conner
Job Forum 0 Dixie Conner
Dr. Hsu and Dr. Ching published! 0 Dixie Conner
Use Appointment Slots in Google Calendar and Google Hangouts to Create/Book Virtual Meetings 2 Cynthia Sarver
Problems with edtech2 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Educational Technology Conferences 5 Dixie Conner
Connected Educator Month 0 Patty McGinnis
STEMx Conference 2 Dixie Conner
Yu-Chang Hsu, Yu-Hui Ching and Chareen Snelson 2 Matthew Doyle
Khan Academy in Idaho 0 Dr. Kerry Rice
Khan Academy: Live Stream 9/17 1 Kathy Strickland
Anyone use SuccessFactors LMS? 2 William Wickham
EdTech2 will be down for a bit 0 Patrick Lowenthal
Today Sept 9th - last day to drop classes 0 Dixie Conner